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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  November 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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here is more on whether or not it could impact your commute, allie? >> reporter: it should not have any impact on your morning rush and here in panola, on the left on the southbound side, that is where it went over the concrete railing just passing up a second of it, a driver trying to make a left-hand turn off that ramp over shot and fell over the freeway bridge and on to interstate 880 below, and the car landed in the right hand lane. incredibly, the 20-year-old driver and passenger were able
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to walk away from this crash. police tell me they arrested that driver for driving up the influence of alcohol and cal trans just finished their work fixing that concrete railing that was broken and again you should not have any problems anyway, ktvu channel 2 morning news. allie rasmus. investigators say a woman found a man while taking out her trash. she immediately called 911. the victim was taken to the hospital but he died. police have identified him as william lopez.
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family and friends held a candle light vigil to call an attention to his death. they discovered his body inside an abandoned otto -- auto shop. >> we need to force them to investigate. we need to make sure this is not a back burner case. >> and he will be cremated and remembered december 1st. mission salvano is dead dated 175 beds year around. this morning's flag poles are on hand and they have a new
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caster valley memorial. it was seven years in the making. granite flags remain the older sacrifices. yesterday's ceremony included a flyover by the national guard. president barack obama honored the nation's vets and the president laid a wreathe at the tomb of the unknown and he said he will never forget the sacrifices made by service members and their families. they greatly diminished al qaeda. they are cop willing up in 15 minutes and the battle to the land and the member morial question. they will be back at the
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bargaining table later this morning. workers stayed there for more than two hours and many shoppers say they are getting tired of crossing the picket line and they hope this labor dispute will be held for the holidays. >> union and managers will not discuss what negotiations are being madement cal fire said wildfire danger has decreased with the cooler temperatures and the rain and the burn suspension has been listed but anybody -- lifted but anybody who wants to burn does have to check with agencies. firefighters say when the
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weather stat to cool town and in mountain view, he listed for the heat amount bringing outdoor heaters inside. potential were responding to dab both were responding to house fires for people trying to heat their homes. dinner for 10 will cost $49.48. that is up 3% from last year and the bureau says most of the increase is because tub can is will be found and you may find
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some exceptionnal dealsment. this is last year's delivery and it is the 5 year. and ever one of them will help thousands in the bay area and some of the players, including jeffery green, michael malone, they will each partner with a family to go on a shopping spree so somest food as well at some of the shelters will be handed out. let's check in with sal for a look at the traffic tis morning. we are off to a nice start on this monday and i can't complain too much. 80 westbound is looking good as we head out to the mcarthur
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maze, it is a miss drive from this area and here it is absolutely clear and light and also northbound 280 traffic getting to highway 17, steve? it was a 3 dog night. and the system coming in now is really weak. we start off with 30s and 40s. if it was not for the breeze we would be colder. antioch livermore and even though the days are short and they will spin into some clouds to the north and really this is
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going to fall apart. slightly apartment arer 60s on the temperatures, everybody is really close here, the lows are cold, it will be in the 30s and a little bit warmer as we go into thursday. when will this system move in here, we have pretty of days to work it.$♪ an event is happening today in the event of helping homeowners stay in foreclosures. and this traffic is looking good heading west, we will tell you more about the morning commute including where the troubled spots are.
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. all right good morning, conditions ending up with mostly sunny skies, highs will be in the 60s. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive explosion of what happened over the weekend. last night the community came together to rather 2nd grade teacher and her husband who were killed when her husband was destroyed. 30 others were badly damaged forcing 200 others out of their homes. >> it was a lot of destruction and whatever caused this destruction, i am excited to find out. i really want to know. >> the fire department is letting people return home to get some of their belongings. another insider attack has killed somebody in afghanistan.
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a gunman was wearing an afghan uniform when he shot and killed a british soldier. several have been killed so far on 35 insider attacks. they are looking into how affectively they can take over their own country in 2014. we are learning more details on the extramarital affair that led general david petraeus to resign. she contacted the fbi saying she received harassing e-mails from paula broad well, broad well is the person who had an affair. they are questioning the fbi's handling of the investigation. >> this is something that could have had an affect on national security and i think we should have been told.
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>> joe kelly serves as an unpaid liaison and she and her husband said they have been friends with general david petraeus for years and they are asking for privacy. president barack obama is inviting labor and communities for talks on averting the fiscal cliff. the president will meet and then on thursday will meet with business leaders. they are pulling consensus on the best ways to avoid this fiscal nightmare with some cuts ready to take affect at the end of the year. democratic senator charles schumer and he and others will start talks on the come leans sufficient -- comprehensive works and they believe this time around they will be
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successful because being anti- immigrant does not work for them politically. and president barack obama does not work to visit and see the damage from super storm sandy. the president will thank first responders who put their lives at risk and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is working on things, 100,000 homes are still without power two weeks now after the storm hit. it is veterans day and a lot of people still have the day off, it is light. >> it takes a little bit to have a few people. >> schools are out, so that will be a big difference. >> good call. i am glad pam mentioned that. let's look at what we have here
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with the east shore freeway. certainly people are out there, it is still good getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza and this whole thing where 250,000 plus commuters come every morning, well it is going to be okay for now. the morning commute looks good, 101 looks good on 280, -- 101 looks good and so does 280. >> we will have 30s and 40s, it is cold out there. 40s for many and a little puff of a breeze keeping temperatures up along with these higher clouds. this is a weak testimony, they are running in advance of support and what is over us is weak, we don't expect to see much out of this.
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it will be a gradual warmth and for us it looks like it will be weak. a little warmer, we are starting off with temperatures getting into the 60s but that's about it, low-to-mid 60s, i don't see much change, i really think we have to wait to the end of the week before we have to give us some rain, pam? 4:47, a verdict has been reached in the accusation of three violent assaults. but the verdict will not be read until tomorrow because of the holiday weekend. he faces a life sentence. another mishandling of
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child sexual abuse scandals. two are handing over their duties. the resignation of george swizel, he wrongly accused a politician of child sexual abuse. weeks before that they filed report on child sexual abuse on a host. they rededicated it at the rock, ending a legal battle that went all the way and this april, they approved it with wars. >> there what been a lot of ups and downs and then we heard oh, no it can stay and we are just so happy to have it resolved.
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>> it is a replace testimony for across that was stolen, after the item was stolen and will be returned. and more turned out for the veterans day parade than ever before. >> organizers think more than 30,000 lined the streets to celebrate past and present. they are thankful for what many of the arms services have done. >> it really makes you appreciate your service. >> and the petaluma lost potential hands and legs. he is recovering at walter reid
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medical center. they stepped off the cutter into waiting arms, the home port. the crew members were gone for five months. they provided security in the arctic circle and their next mission is in more. just did our website and scroll down -- just go to our website and scroll down to the video player. mayor jean quan is sponsoring an event that runs until 3:30 this afternoon. it will be held at the east convention center in the hall, and wells fargo will have to work out else challenges.
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450s, a well come flight. and alex smith suffered a concussion against the team's high against the rams.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. federal investigators are trying to figure out what
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caused a small plane to crash killing two people on board. it was traveling into nebraska when it went down. one was a doctor in springfield, missouri and the other was his father who was a well-known businessman from omaha. the sierra has been graced with snow, not so much good news for drivers in placer county. the snow dropped more than two feet causing spin outs and backups. chains are required in certain areas. north side are set to open friday and jaw clerk is set to accept next thursday. the san francisco chronicle reports crews have almost finished shifting 2 5,000 tons
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of concrete from its temporary report structure. crews were worried they could put back construction and it is scheduled to go by the end of next year. all level smith will be evaluated after leaving the game with a concussion. in the meantime, they led the team to a tie against the others with the st. louis rams. 49ers kicker david acres made a field goal to send it into overtime and he missed it after the game. they also missed a field goal winning try and the field time would end, nfl's first tie in four years. the raiders tied a team record yesterday for the most point allowed. they scored on the first 6 of 7
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possessions on a fake field goal. i thought it was weird they would end the game in a tie yesterday. >> that is the first four and it is absolutely a waste of time. good morning everybody. let's look at the commute now. now if you are driving around the bay area, they mentioned earlier some schools were out, and if you are just watching for the heck of it, this is interstate 880, no major problems there and also san mateo bridge looks good getting to highway 101. and that looks good getting into the valley as well as the other freeways, let's go to steve. sal, let's think if you
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were a rams and if. >> we would kick an ultimate delay. and in fort brag, maybe even by this time, 30s and 40s but not much of a breeze but there is a north wind and that's the direction where they are coming from. it is a darn cold morning and they are popping up with a lot of 50s and 60s. a lot of low-to-mid, everybody is close. partly sunny skies, partly cloudy skies, by friday it starts to inch closer, and will get better sunday into monday. most of the jewelry
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recovered from the titanic will go on display. it was discovered during a research mission in 1987. it will be displayed in atlanta and los vegas. why a new york country says the lights need to stay off at least for now. also overnight, a car plunges off the pass, the surprising new the people inside that car.
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. a sex scandal involving the head of the cia, how the fbi found out about the affair. well, it is cold out there but what about rain. it is time to go for the ktvu channel 2 morning


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